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Location and Transportation. To go to Ulee Lheue not difficult, very strategic location, just 3 Km from the center of Banda Aceh. Visitors can rent a car or take public transportation in the city of Banda Aceh. Mancing Ultralight casting - ACEH 2017 3 months ago.MANCING MANIA - PREDATOR OMPONG SUNGAI G 1 year ago. by TRANS7 OFFICIAL 1 year ago. Mancing Mania Di Aceh strike Kakap Baram Mikhsal Mina 4 years ago. Riza strike monster mandoo Ulee Lheu BAloqstaqmai faisal 2 years ago. mancing ikan lucu, Banda Aceh - Sandbar VIEW > Suasana malam di Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh dengan pemandangan menara dari Masjid Baiturrahim dengan cahaya terang.VIEW > Menanjakkan kaki sembari bersepeda sore hari di Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh Photos.Ulee Lheue beach is perfect spot to enjoy sunset. The location is near to Ulee Lheue port and we can see Sabang islang from this place. Helpful? Local attractions include Banda Waterboom and Taman Kuliner. Recommended hotels include GRAND EMPEROM HOTEL in Emperom and Pantai Ujong Pancu in Lam Pageu.Rated 4.4 of 5 Banda Aceh, Ulee Lheue. Boat on Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh, Indonesia.Uploaded on April 12, 2014.

Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners. Kategori: Peringatan Tsunami Kabupaten / Kota: Banda Aceh Alamat Lokasi: Ulee Lheue, Meuraxa, Banda Aceh Cara Menuju Lokasi: Dapat ditempuh dengan berbagai jenis kendaraan, jarak tempuh sekitar 20 menit karena lokasi tidak jauh dari pusat Kota Banda Aceh. Hunting sore di Ulee Lheue.Up next. Tarian Nirmala - Siti Nurhaliza MTsN Model Banda Aceh - Duration: 4:01.Hunting Foto Model Tematik - B.Y.O.P - Duration: 6:15. Total 5 Images about Photos of Pantai Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh. panorama of night light around ulheue port Banda Aceh, Indonesia. this is one of the ports that became the liaison between the city of Banda Aceh with the City of Sabang, which became one of the islands in Aceh. port of Ulee Lheue. Photo :zyrkimarfandi. Place of Photo.

Ulee Lheue Port,Banda Aceh 5.566, 95.296. Date Taken. 2015-06-20 09:32.Contact the Photographer. Upload a photo. BANDA ACEH Ulee Lheue Port, Banda Aceh. (0 votes). Arrival. Показать все списки, в которых упоминается Banda Waterboom, включая Guide to Banda Acehs best spots, Top 10 favorites places in Unnamed Location, Must-visit Great Outdoors in Banda Aceh, and places. Indonesia Banda Aceh, Banda Aceh. Телефон: Pantai Ulee Lheue. Banda Waterboom. Lapangan Blang Padang. Pantai Ulee Lheue. Taman Sari.Lapangan Tugu Unsyiah. Ujong Batee Beach. Taman Budaya Banda Aceh. GOR KONI. Diaz Sport Centre. » Banda Aceh Tourism. » Wisata kuliner aceh. » Gampong Pie Ulee Lheue.» Koetaradja, Aceh, Indonesia. » Ulee lheue Bay Banda Aceh Cafe Resto. Along the new road from Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheue, we see scars of the dreadful Tsunami of the morning of 26/12/2004, such as this once stately house, which is left as it was that fateful day. Detik detik Badai Terjang Ulee Lheue.Waterboom di Aceh kota Banda Aceh mata ie. 2016/05/11. Wahana Indah Malaka 69 (Water boom) Part 2 - Video For Kids- News Video HD 2016. Photo by misbahdestiady. Royalties free, Commercial Editorial use. Size: 4096 x 2304 px File format: JPG.DPI width: 72.0, height 72.0 . White balance settings: 0.

Photos related to: water, no person. Penampakan Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue Malam Hari Meuraxa Kota Banda Aceh. Pekerjaan membenahi dan menata maianan bebek dayung di lokasi pantai ulee lheue Kec. Meraxa Kota Banda Aceh, Senin (8/2) Kementrian Parawisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif tidak akan menguragi target. Banda Aceh kotabandaaceh.Abis jumatan di Baiturrahim Ulee Lheue langsung cabut ke Baiturrahman buat foto-foto.ayusylvi : Didalam aja terebus min coba aja waterboom buka . Ulee Lheue - Banda Aceh on the map.Desa lamjabat kecamatan meuraxa kota banda aceh tempat tinggalnya mas joko bpn aceh 0.9 km. Tags: Mancing Mania, Mancing ikan, Ikan gt, Ikan kuwe, Mancing Mania trans7, Mancing kakap putih, Mancing ikan monster, Ikan rambe, Spot mancing, Spot mancing aceh, Mancing banda aceh, Mancing GT, Mancing m, MANCING DI BATU ULEE LHEUE BANDA ACEH PREDATOR PENGUASA 10 Banda Aceh officials have capitalized on the ambiguous attractions of disaster tourism — marketing a narrative that is sometimes uplifting, often macabre, and always jarring.Houses provided by Uplink Banda Aceh, Ulee Lheue village. Foto Tragedi Tsunami Aceh 8 Tahun Silam - Aceh Tourism And Culture.Islamic Architecture Beautiful Mosques Indonesia Muslim Banda Aceh Quran Html Facebook Spreads. Jumat, 03 Mei 2013. Masjid Baiturrahim Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh.Based on historical records, in 1983 Banda Aceh was hit by a devastating earthquake and tear down the dome of the mosque. Local attractions close to Ulee Lheue Beach, Banda Aceh include Museum Tsunami Aceh, Pantai Ulee Lheue and Lapangan Blang Padang.Banda Waterboom. Pool, rated 1.0 of 5. Search filters. Ulee Lheue Stock Photos and Images. (8). Page 1 of 1.Aceh perch fishing boats in coastal waters Ulee Lheue in welcoming 10 years of the tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, on December 26, 2014. Ulee Lheue mosque, or Baiturrahim Mosque of Ulee Lheue is one of the survivor of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. It is said that the first wave that hit the coast of Banda Aceh was here. Aceh is a province with that hugely destroyed by the natural disaster. Hundreds of Acehnese prayed at a mass cemetery in Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh, on Tuesday (26/12) to honor victims of the Boxing Day tsunami that devastated the region 13 years ago. (Antara Photo/Syifa Yulinnas). Pantai Wisata Ulee Lheue - Kota Banda Aceh. Загружено 1 мая 2017. Pantai Ulee Lheue merupakan pantai yang pernah terkena dampak paling parah dari tsunami aceh tahun 2004 lalu. Instagram photos and videos at Pantai Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh location. M.Firdaus sinuzula agas 68 likes / 0 comments. Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue. 1166 6 8 months ago.gwakbari. Mantep2 mon foto lu, keep up the good work. Ulee Lheue is a village in the district Meuraksa, Banda Aceh. In this village was located Ulee Port. This rectangular-shaped monument has stand for 3 years, but now the monument is being destroyed. Ulee Lheue Beach is located in Banda Aceh.Hal yang rutin aku lakukan hampir setiap minggu bersepeda sendirian maupun bareng teman Ini aku share foto aku ketika aku bersepeda sendirian more ». Galeri Zero Point Tsunami - Masjid Baiturrahim Meuraxa, Ulee Lheue - Banda Aceh My Collection-Photo/Video >>> Save/UpLoad >>> Sabtu, 4 Syawwal 1437 H / 9 Juli 2016 M || 5:30 pm WIB. Done. Poeloet Bakar Ulee Lheue (Tape Manis Kuah Durian) at Banda Aceh Food Coffee Festval Cc. vavabuster. Ulee Lheue Beach just located around 3km from Banda Aceh. Traveller can rent a motorcycle,"becak"or used a tour. It near to Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue which want to go to Pulau Sabang/Pulau Weh. Aceh sumber ke indahan, yang tidak bisa di tukar dengan emas apalagi uang, insyallah aceh jaya salam steemit KSR. 0.00. Instagram photos and videos at Pantai Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh. haikalputra864. Shared contents with "Pantai Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh" location in instagram. firdauskomo. Waterboom Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh. by Bin Nour 10 months ago.Touring CBR250RR - Calang - Lamno - Banda Aceh. by WeLike ThisVideo 4 months ago. Ulee Lheue, Banda Atjeh — at Pantai Ulee Lheue in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.EyeEm builds technology to showcase the best images from the worlds leading photo community. Rizky Saputra added 4 new photos — at Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue. 14 hrs Banda Aceh, Indonesia .Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue. Local business Banda Aceh, Indonesia. 1,568 people checked in here. See the Instagram feed of Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh location.Poltekkes Kemenkes ACEH 164 likes / 4 comments. Ulee lheue Bay Banda Aceh Cafe Resto. Laju 87 Cafe. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. Nyohoka. Gampong Pie Ulee Lheue. Koetaradja, Aceh, Indonesia. Puncak Gunung Mount Everest. Wisata kuliner aceh. Pasir Putih, Sawarna Beach. TK YKA Banda Aceh. Best Photos near Banda Aceh Indonesia - 01:36 min ( November 20, 2010 by tripadvisorTRIPWOWf) Views: 710 - Rating: 0/5.Ul Lheu is an area in Meuraxa sub-district, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Pengambilan video di Pantai Ulee Lheue - Banda Aceh pagi hari masih sunyi orang yg datang Lebih kurang mohon maaf jika pengambilan tidak berkenan. Pilot: abiZidan. Browse the top photos of ULEE LHEUE (Banda Aceh) to BALOHAN (Sabang) and submit your own pictures and photographs.



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