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Events and Distances. Race. Distances. Dorset Try a Tri Adult. Swim 250m, Bike 10miles, Run 3miles. I thought Id try a tri. A couple of years ago I went to Blenheim Palace to watch some friends compete in a triathlon.As I said, Im training for a half marathon so Im often out running trying to increase my distance. not until i watched my first olympic-distance triathlon last saturday was i able to disabuse myself of these ideas -- or fantasies, if you willgroup photo with all these other triathletes in their body-hugging tri-suits, they would not have appeared like kaldereta stains on an immaculate white wedding gown. The 2016 Triathlon (all distances) were run as a Duathlon due to dangerous water conditions. Try-a-Tri (Run as Duathlon). MALE: Jeff Wilmink, London- 2016 57:19. FEMALE: Tina Perilli, Brantford- 2016 56:06. Try-a-Tri. Photo Credit: Stephen Maunder. REGISTER NOW. Interested in triathlon but not sure about the distance? The Try-a-tri event is a beginner level race that incorporates all three disciplines. Our Try-a-Tri event is often the first step into the sport, and is popular with junior and adult athletes, while the Sprint event is often dominated by Junior athletes (16 to 19-year-olds). Our Olympic distance triathlon is the only The Try-a-Tri is a non-competitive event and will be a small field of participants who are just wanting to Try-A-Tri. The Youth Tri does have age group awards. The short swim in Foster Lake is warm enough (72 degrees) you do not need a wet suit if you dont want one Our Try-a-Tri event is tailor-made for beginners, especially first-timers, at the sport of triathlon. With manageable distances and the combination of a pool swim and a flat run course, the Self-Transcendence Somerset Welcome to EPIC Try-a-Tri. We planned this race to be an introduction to triathlon really short distances, untimed, and on a closed road. The perfect way to get your feet wet and try our sport. Try-a-tri.

And thats not just me being clever with the title, it was the actual name of the event I raced in Parry Sound at the very end of August.Me?well I just wanted a little sample of the distances seeing as Im not the floating type which means Im not the swimming type. But now there are triathlons of all distances and for all levels of athletes.Mary Czarnecki Already a fitness buff, Mary was prompted to try a tri by her cousin. Her first race was Tour de Kirkwood, and she took third in her age group in her next race she got third overall. Try-a-Tri distance athletes will complete 1/2 a lap of the lake and Sprint distance athletes will complete a full lap. Water safety marshals will be present both on shore and with canoes. Wetsuits are likely to be compulsary. In five days Ill be trying my first, "Try-a-Tri" which is basically a mini triathlon.For any sort of endurance athlete the distances are embarrassingly short, but for this endurance-challenged girl it would sure be a challenge.

A try a tri is perfect distance for anyone with the desire to learn more about triathlon. There was a day when the only triathlon was the Ironman triathlon now there are many choices. The benefits of this triathlon. Is it time to TRY a TRI? Join us to discover the ins-and-outs of triathlons: types, distances, how to get started, how to train, and what to expect on race day. The Try-a-Tri distance is a 400M swim, 10K bike and 3K run.According to Rich, mountain bikes are welcome, in fact encouraged. Almost everybody who comes for the Try-a-Tri distance comes on a mountain bike. I went with the Chariot Try-a-Tri just to get the cobwebs off my legs. I found the run off the bike just wasnt working for me and the thought of just jumping into my first Sprint distance at Welland then do Muskoka 5i50 terrified me. Try a Tri in 2009! By. Sebastien Locteau.The distances for each part of a triathlon arent always of Herculean proportions either. In fact, you can choose from very short races right up to the mythical Ironman. im completely new to tri and am after advice about training. I get very little or no free time but cant get rid of the ambition of doing a tri.For a Sprint, Id try for 2 x 30 min swim (1 technique, 1 distance), 2 runs (1 speed work, 1 distance) and 2 bike (1 shorter speed work, 1 longer distance) - this is what The ever popular Try a tri makes a return to the 24/7 race calendar on Sunday 23rd April 2017.This is a brilliant event for anyone who wants to get a taste of the triathlon world.The distances are a 200m swim, 13k cycle, 3.5k run. Try a tri. For a free 10 week training plan click here. "The Try a Tri race is targeted at the novice athlete, for those stepping up from pool based triathlons and for juniors who are making the transition from shorter distances. DISTANCES Try-a-Tri - 100m swim - 10km cycle - 2km run Sprint Triathlon - 500m swim - 20km cycle - 5km run Olympic Triathlon - 1500m swim - 40kmTry-a-Tri and all Duathlon Events, have limited competitor numbers. All entries are non refundable. In the case of the event being cancelled for safety A sprint distance is a perfect way to tri it out.Not at all like the marathon, where I was basically wishing I could chew off my left arm rather than run the final six miles! I highly recommend trying a tri if you are looking for something different and fun. Why Try a Tri Distances Disciplines Race Day Tips Set up for success triathlon lingo. Why Try a Tri? If youre reading this, youre tri-curious. Maybe youve been running a while, but are looking for some variety. Try a tri in Eindhoven? Sure can! Well, technically, the local triathlon is in Nuenen, but thats close enough, right? Squadra is holding the Dolphin Triathlon on Sunday 2 July. There are a number of options , including a kids-parents triathlon, a mini triathlon, and 1/8 and 1/4 distances. Off to try a tri. Posted on July 29, 2012 by Beth. Off to attempt my first Olympic distance triathlon! Follow me on twitter MilesAndTrials to see how the race goes. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. Then, the Longmont Try-a-Tri (super-sprint triathlon distance) is the right Triathlon for you to take on! The Longmont Try-a-Tri is not about what place you finish in, it is about having fun while finishing a TRIATHLON! Distances 4 thoughts on GO TRI Try a tri. Dannii Hungry Healthy Happy saysWhat a great idea! Although it doesnt appeal to me, the shorter distance is a fab idea to get people to try it. I bet the kids loved it too. On Sunday May 9th, I entered and completed the U of A spring triathlon in the try-a-tri category. The distances were: 400m swim, 10k bike, and 2.5k run. It took me approx: 1hr and 12 min. I went from a mile on the treadmill to a little longer distances. Then I moved my runs outside, still hesitant but doing it anyway.Contact me! You Are Here: Home » Blog » Why I Have To Try A Tri A personal journey. Try a tri! A YMCA twist on the popular swim, bike, run. Complete an Ironman distance triathlon at your own pace without the race-day nerves.End the year right and TRY A TRI! 10 entry fee All finishers will receive a Try-a-Tri t-shirt! Some choose to begin at the sprint level, which is exactly double the try -a-tri distance and a little more challenging.There are still some mountain bikes used in this class but not very many these days. Sprint distances are: swim 750 meters, bike 20 km, run 5 km. Event Type and Distance: Triathlon 300m pool swim - 21km cycle - 4km run. Amenities: Novice friendly, pool swim, chip timing, shortened course, toilets, showers, catering.Try a Tri is an introductory event specifically designed for novice triathletes. Swim Map. Try a tri bike route. The bike route is an out and back route that follows the same course as the Sprint distance for 4 km until the turn around point at Oyster Hall (just before the hill into the Spa! ) Today, I enjoy racing all distances from sprints up to Ironman distance races. I have made a lot of friends through the sport and still continue to have fun. I am looking forward to working with the athletes in the Try-A-TRI program. Try the Tri Triathlon 2011 - Duration: 3:20. Wise Health System 1,061 views.John does the Brent Gibson Memorial Icebreaker Try-a-Tri - Duration: 5:30. Youre no doubt familiar with the epic distances of Ironman events (3.86km swim, 180.2km ride, 42.2km run), but there are plenty of Enticer triathlons designed so you can have a go without ending up in the ER.If youre keen to try a tri, head to New To Tri for Australian event and club information. I recently came across a few articles that referred to the Sprint Triathlon distance as a beginner triathlon distance and as a distance that is good for less experienced triathletes, but I disagree. I believe anyone can start their triathlon journey in any triathlon distance from Try-a-Tri to Ironman. We are very sorry the online entry for Trifarm Chelmsford Triathlon Try-a -Tri Distance 2015 has now closed. The event is either full or the closing date has been reached. The Try-a-Tri crew bring you the 2017 Tri festival! Celebrate the joy of swim, cycle run with distances to suit all abilities: Super sprint: 300m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run. Friday, February 18, 2011. Early Season Try a Tri.Distances are a 250m swin, 10k cycle and 4k run with categories for adults, juniors and children (one day licences from TI are required for adults and juniors). The distances remain the same. There are different categories to compete in (Open Male, Open Female, Open Mixed and Family).Try-a-Tri. Swim 300m, Bike 10km, Run 3km Saturday, August 18. The Longmont Try-a-Tri is the right Triathlon for you to take on! We are proud of you for TRY-ing, so everyone who crosses the finish line will recieve a finisher medal! Race Distances The distances are not standardized for this category, but are typically around 400 800 yard swim, 8-18 mile bike, and 5K run. If you complete a race of this distance, you are a triathlete!Dont miss the other posts in the Why Not Try a Tri series Then, the Longmont Try-a-Tri (super-sprint triathlon distance) is the right Triathlon for you to take on! The Longmont Try-a-Tri is not about what place you finish in, it is about having fun while finishing a TRIATHLON! Race Distances Officially, there are four main distances — Sprint, Olympic, Half-Iron and Iron. The distances in a sprint triathlon can vary by a lot, depending on the event.Why you should try a tri. Previous. As part of this series participants have the chance to race a variety of distances in both triathlon and duathlon. All events have a wide range of abilities enabling participants to race as competitively or non-competitively as they like. Well be focusing on the Try-A-Tri. Triathlon distance is either a SPRINT, OLYMPIC, HALF IRONMAN, or FULL IRONMAN. Typically a sprint distance is about a 500-600 meter swim, 12-13 mile bike, and 5k run (3.1 miles).But this is NO reason not to try a tri. The next Try-a-Tri program will commence in on January 21st 2018!The race distance is: 500m swim, 22km bike, 5km run. The HTC Try-a-Tri Course includes Different races offer various distances for each component.

The shortest triathlon I have seen is the Timbermans Super Sprint, which consists of a .15 mile swim, 5.5 mile bike and 1.5 mile run perfect for the first-time racer!If you even feel a spark of interest, I encourage you to give Tri a try!



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