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You then send your PodCast to Apple for approval. If it is acceptable (does not include copyright material or breaks some other legal requirement) it will be added to iTunes.Its what I do. Im currently a manager at I also enjoy gardening in my "free time". If you arent already subscribing to podcasts (regularly scheduled audio recordings) via iTunes, nows the perfect opportunity to get started. The beauty of using iTunes (and the Podcast app for iOS) is that by subscribing, each time theres a new episode from your favorite podcaster, youll automatically get it! Get now the Best podcasts in iTunes, including, Overcast: Podcast Player, Podcast Chart and 11It helps me listen and organize my podcasts. This can be difficult and time consuming, and Mocast really takes care of all of it for me.Your question is currently in the approval process. Subscribers to podcasts can start and stop them at any time, as well as choosing the episodes they wish to download. For people with iPods, podcasts are a popular way to get news or stay current with their favorite artists. iTunes makes podcasts easily accessible to everyone, soWait for approval. Wait times for getting your podcast approved can be as long as 3 weeks or as quick as 30 minutes.Filed Under: Podcast Quick Tips Tagged With: approval, feed, how, itunes, rss, store, submit, time. You can submit the XML feed to iTunes here.

Apple has some kind of manual review that can take 1 days. 3. Submitting to Google Play Music.Googles approval process is automatic and takes less time than Apples. Getting onto 3rd party podcast apps. Is it even possible to time launches with approvals? —Kim. Trying to perfectly time your publicized launch with your iTunes launch can be stressful.Then your podcast should be approved within a couple or few days. This timeline is where youll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.

Tweets not working for you?We are iTunes approved! Subscribe to us on iTunes on your computer/smart phone OR find us on the IOS Podcast app!https Delete podcast from iTunes. Since youre probably drooling a little bit, go ahead and clean yourself up. Dont feel ashamed, the same thing happened to me the first time I logged in! So whos ready to submit a podcast?! Once you have configured your show and published your first episodes, you will need to access iTunes Podcast Connect system to submit your show.Once Submitted: Once your show has been submitted, iTunes will contact you directly by e-mail with your approval. Podcast Rankings from iTunes. Yasuyuki Sugimoto. Free.You can play podcasts (internet radio, free online music, jazz, etc) anywhere and anytime through your PC, Smartphone, tablet without install iTunes. It will then take about 24 to 48 hours for your podcast to be manually approved in iTunes.Again it will take some time for them to manually review your podcast and accept it but you should get accepted. iTunes podcast approval problems. 3 years ago. 14 February 2015.Im hoping 2nd times a charm. Ive been trying to get this podcast listed on iTunes for over a month! Thank you for your help, James. I do sync my iPhone with iTunes. However, any time I open iTunes, it tries to automatically download new podcast episodes. Is there a way to prevent this? Its important to publish your podcast on iTunes (although this shouldnt necessarily be the only place).The approvals process can vary weve heard of times where its taken a couple of hours, but it may also take anything up to two weeks. Post time: 2013-09-02 15:06:06 |Show all posts.

I am currently trying to get my second podcast up on itunes.Aprroval or denial. Do they contact you to let you know if its denied? Last time I got the approval email the following day. Thanks. I have a quick question for you I read somewhere that some people get their podcast pre-approved on iTunes so that when they are ready to release their first episodes there is no lag- time or delay since they dont have to go through the approval process. Now its time to head to iTunes once again. Head on over to the iTunes Store then click Podcasts on the top navigation bar.You can always find your iTunes URL in the email you received from Apple after your podcast was approved. The super great claspy and I discuss some Shadow Play action on a new podcast episode! To listen, head out to iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, or wherever else and search for Submitted for Your Approval! September 20, 2017 . Still time to submit something! Troublesome Radio is Now on ITUNES! Apple is a little slow on updating the main image, and its classifiedAs a result, I had to rip every one of my podcasts down, convert the file type, and thenNo idea what that minimum is. So when the time comes, I WILL give away course access, but it may We chat about faster iTunes approval times for iPhone/iPad apps.Press play to listen to the podcast. This episode is available on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Soundcloud, PocketCasts and your favourite podcatcher apps! How do I publish a podcast on iTunes? Thats a question I often hear from new podcasters. Im guessing thats why youre here too.Every time you upload and publish a new episode to your host, the RSS feed also gets updated. iTunes detects the update in the RSS feed and retrieves the new Because many listeners use iTunes for podcasts, these are common concerns we hear about from Podbean podcasters. Heres how to check problems with your podcast updating in iTunes and what kind of timing to expect from iTunes. More than likely the iTunes servers have not had time to index your podcast. Alternatively, your podcast metadata needs fine-tuning. Please see excerpts from iTunes Podcast Creator FAQ below. How I can minimize approval time of my iOS apps/updates in iTunes connect? In smaller updates it take minimum a week in "Waiting for Review" state. Is there any procedure to reduce this time? You can check the status of your iTunes submission in Podcasts Connect. Approval times can vary.Now that youve submitted your podcast to iTunes, its time to continue producing great content and building an audience! Podcast Quick Tips - Learn how to podcast one tip at a time.When youve submitted your podcast to itunes and its not showing up in the itunes catalog, many podcasters start to worry that they did something wrong. Once you have your podcast RSS feed through whatever format, its time to add it to iTunes.Took me 4 days to get iTunes approval, but I foolishly applied right before the Thanksgiving Day weekend doh. Anyway, just thought Id say thanks for this sterling amount of exceptions podcasting info Im Once you get your approval email, your podcast will be available in iTunes!Alban Brooke is General Counsel and Director of Marketing for Higher Pixels — makers of Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting and Tick Time Tracking.correctly make sure feed is generated properly before submitting Submit and wait for approval.Benefits of iTunes Podcast Marketing Audio and video podcasts capture users attention FAST! Easy to publish podcasts (see above directions) this saves you both TIME and MONEY! After approval from iTunes, the podcast is published on iTunes and available for subscription on iTunes for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I create a podcast based on my blog To submit your podcast to iTunes, go to the podcast section of the iTunes store. On the right menu bar, click Submit a PodcastOnce youve submitted your information, its time to wait! It takes Apple 24 hours to 14 days to approve a podcast. 35. How To Setup Itunes Podcast Account? 36. What Time Does The Rt Podcast Come Out On Itunes?45. How Long Does Itunes Podcast Approval Take? 46. What Is Apple Itunes Podcast? How long does it take for iTunes to approve a podcast submission? iTunes takes between 24 hours to 14 days to approve a podcast. The times vary because they have real people look over and approve the show. It has no impact on shows that are already listed in the iTunes Store. The e-mail from Apple also states, If you plan on launching any Podcasts during this time, we recommend submitting your podcast for approval as early as possible. Its the forth of July for the USA. A new podcast gets submitted and approved in record time. Today I am recording right into my iPad II and recording it with the BossJock App. < iTunes Store Approval Times for Podcast RSS Feeds - The — 15 Nov 2010 You should receive this email shortly after you submit your valid podcast feed.How long does it take for iTunes to approve a podcast submission? iTunes takes between. Q: iTunes Podcast Approval Time. Hello, I submitted my podcast on 12/22. It is now 1/5. I received an email saying Dear podcast ownerPosted on Jan 6, 2016 7:57 AM. Reply I have this question too (14). Q: iTunes Podcast Approval Time. Publishing a podcast on iTunes is surprisingly easy and it took me less than an hour to get the whole thing up and running.Step 6: Submit to Apple for Approval. Now that your podcast is ready, lets submit it to the iTunes Store. In this post, Im going to show you how to check for iTunes podcast rankings and also give you a couple of other ways to access this information. If this is your first time to check for podcast rankings, heres how to do it. Rave Podcast on iTunes. And the last advice: if you do it, then do it. Dont stop. I know plenty of good shows that no longer exists. Seems not many people realize that having podcast on a schedule is hard work, but it is so. Podcast is like workouts in a gym: it requires time, efforts, and discipline Publishing a podcast on iTunes is amazingly easy and will take very less time to submit and publish them. iTunes is not a podcast owner and they dont shop any podcast files.6. Submit for Approval After completion of your podcast, submit them to the iTunes Store. The message will be titled iTunes Store Podcast Approved Notification and will include your own unique iTunes subscribe URL. Please copy this URL and save it into the PowerPress settings > iTunes tab section in the iTunes Subscribe URL field. It may take up to 10 days for your podcast to be approved. Once it has been approved, Apple will send you an email titled iTunes Store Podcast Approved Notification and will also include your own unique iTunes subscribe URL. TOPIC TAGS: Podcasting, Podcast, How to start a podcast, how to get podcast in iTunes, how to get a podcast approved in iTunes, how to make money with aNext, make sure you have additional episodes recorded and ready to release immediately after your podcast gets approved by iTunes. You will then get an approval email from iTunes. This can take 3-7 business days. If you are still deciding on an audio host for all of our clients (new podcasters and experienced broadcasters), we recommend updates podcast rankings a few times a day. Like pretty much anything that goes through Apple, podcasts have to go through a review process before they are approved for inclusion in the iTunes Music Store.These tools can cut the amount of time you spend managing your podcast, and give you more time to spend actually recording it. Once youve uploaded your podcast episodes correctly to iTunes, its not yet time to breathe that sigh of relief.Lets look at the best (and least time-consuming) ways to promote your Podcast 1. Make sure you have optimized your iTunes Directory listing. Luckily, podcasting is the PERFECT SOLUTION to get -- and stay -- inside your customers heads. It takes almost no time or effort to create a new podcast episode -- just a few minutes, when we show youSo easy, well create and publish episode 2 together, while were waiting for iTunes approval! What else can I do to get my podcast approved? iTunes rejected my firstI resubmitted for approval 5 weeks ago and havent gotten an answer and recently deleted that first clip to have 45My itunes will not work at all. i have deleted and reinstalled in over ten times, i have ended the process, i have



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