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It also sits between Asia and Australia as well as between Asia and North America and Australia and South America.These are areas where new oceanic crust is being pushed up from below the Earths surface.Near the equator, the climate is tropical, wet and warm throughout most of the year. Whereas, South America is the fifth largest in population, with a population of approximately 371 million people residing in 12 countries.Countries in the North American Continent include the three above and the seven countries of Central America. Of these only 13 lie on the equator, in three continents - Africa, Asia and South America. Our list starts on the west coast of South America in Ecuador and moves eastwards listing each country in turn, ending in Kiribati, the eastern most country on the globe.with words "above" or "below" is flawed, considering that the earth is a spherical body (its actually slightly "fatter" at the equator) and flying through 3South America is not South of North America, but in fact diagonally south EAST of North America. If you draw a line straight south (up) from the During a great part of the last 800,000 years North America, South Scandinavia and Northern Germany were covered by ice.Pleistocene was essentially a cold period, which was reflected in the fact that all climate zones were shifted towards equator compared to today. Honolulu and the Equator coordinates. Is the state of Hawaii north or south of the equator between these poles, Ptolemy marked a circle called the equator. A set of parallel circles was drawn above and below the equator. Below is a list of countries which use the definite article. In English, we use "the" if a country has a political title in its name, or if it refers a group of islands.the equator.The South America is gorgeous! Below youll find the main wine-producing, and thereby prime wine-tasting areas in South America, with a heavy focus on the big two, Argentina and Chile, a warning not to forget Uruguay, and information about wine in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia Prime Meridian c) Lines of latitude are lines that mark location points above or below the equator. d) Lines of longitude areYES, YOU!! 19 Imagine your body as a globe Your head is the North Pole Your feet are the South Pole Your waist is the Equator Lines of Latitude (hands stretched outward) Lines Because the equator is half way between the North and South Poles, its this line that we use to divide the Earth into the Northern and SouthernBy referring to the line of the equator, we can say that a specific place (like a country or city) is a certain distance above or below the equator! The South Pole is 90o south of the Equator. M4 MapMaster Skills Handbook.The temple-topped pyramid shown above was built by Mayan Indians in Mexico, long before Columbus sailed.SOUTH AMERICA. Growing barley in Ecuador These farmers in Ecuador use hand tools to harvest barley.

Notice that some languages (such as French or English) are spoken both above and below the Equator.

And for countries that straddle the Equator, lets go with the location of the capital as deciding if the country is above or below. At the Equator, global winds are diverted north and south, leaving a narrow, generally windless band called the doldrums.Vines and shade-loving plants grow on the forest floor. The worlds largest tropical rain forest is in South Americas Amazon River basin. How many south America counties are located on or below the equator?Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, and French Guiana are other northernmost countries in South America and are fully above the equator. Southern. Africa. South America. SoutnhorEthcqeuurrnartteornarntiasvl eCrusrerent.In the deep ocean below the thermocline, the temperature is cold and stable. Figure 3. Schematic cross section of the ocean from equator to pole. A massive swell of warm water is buffeting South America. Is it the first sign of a new El Nio -- or just another "Kelvin wave?"Above: A Kelvin wave crosses the Pacific, Dec. 8, 2001 - Mar. 3, 2002. This plot shows a 500m-deep slice of the Pacific Ocean along the equator. There is much more important information about the non-existence of the South Pole starting at 36:00 in the above podcast as well.Using a compass and traveling directly from west to east below the equator, the further south your starting point, the distance must necessarily From the poles to the equator, humidity and the diversity of plants and animals increases. Sunlight at the equator vs high. latitudes.For example, both a rainforest in South America and a rainforest in Australia have predators, herbivores, and decomposers suited to surviving in the rainforest The South Equatorial Current can be divided into three branches: The Southern South EquatorialSurface flow above the SEUC is to the east during austral summer (November to early March) and to theEkman-driven, divergent flow, at the equator, forces equatorial upwelling and polward surface The below three toilets were all photographed in north Ecuador (above the equator), in Mindo, Otavalo and Tulcan.We boarded a flight to the land of good plumbing the United States of America and realised that the secrets of the outhouse culture in those South American countries still eluded us. We use on with surfaces (e.g. walls, floors, shelves) and lines (e.g. paths, coasts, the equator): on the grass on the sea on the line on the third floor.The people are on the pavement. There is a clock above the cinema entrance.Practice.

A The sentences below describe the picture.5 Ecuador is. South America it lies. South America is known to be the fourth largest of all the continents of the world.It lies at a depth of131 feet or 40 meters below the sea level.The northern part of the continent extends to the north of the Equator. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Why do countries around the equator tend to beYou also ignored just how much of the non tropical world today is poorer, such as Russia and the southern cone of South America.Notice how most of the land mass is well above the equator? Located right next to Europe and above the Indian Ocean. Africa. Located below Europe and it looks like South America.Located above the equator but is not a continent or ocean. Tropic of Capricorn. South America.grid (about 1 km at the equator) for cyclones and landslide, a 2.5 by 2.5 arc.The coastal areas were defined as areas between 50 meters below mean sea level and 50 meters above the high tide level or extending landward to a distance of 100 kilometers from shore, including coral There is more land above/north of the equator. The only continent completely south of the equator is Oceania. This fact is clearly illustrated in the movie "an inconvenient truth". Today, countries of South America are trying to improve their farming as well as industries.About two-thirds of the continent lies in the tropical belt south of the equator.Aconcagus is the highest peak of the Andes. It is 7, 021 metres high above sea level. Sometimes you will see longitude west of the prime meridian and latitude south of the equatorNorth America (NAD 27) Central Europe Sweden Chile Switzerland Indonesia Great Britain IrelandGPS receivers calculate what is called the ellipsoidal height (h), the distance above or below the surface Seven Continent Clubs. The Equator Explained. Types of Pollution.The Atlantic Ocean separates the continents of North America and South American from the European and African continents.It is located across the northern part of the globe above the North American, European, and Asian Several continents straddle the equator, however, including South America, Africa and Asia. Researchers believe that a subcontinent called Zealandia, which broke from Australia and Antarctica, also exists below the equator. North America is the larger of the two American continents. It stretches to more than 24 million kilometers.Is it above (north) or below (south) the equator? Check your map again. Ukraine The climate in the Ukraine will be far milder, after the shift, due to the land being situated much closer to the equator, with Sweden just south of the equator.This puts those who would ride out the shift in a bind, between the winds above and the melting rock below, but a careful analysis of the Continents: Africa Antarctica Asia Oceania Europe North America South America Compass: east north south west.4 Read the text below about two continents and two big islands.Some islands are near the equator, but most of them are in the southern hemisphere. World Map with ANTARCTICA and the Equator. We have shown these continents thematically on the map above.See that Chile actually looks like a vertical chilly !! Look at the actual map of South America below. However, in Australia it isnt unusual to see globes with the South Pole "up" so from their point of view they are above and the USA is below.North America (wherein the 50 United States of America are) is in the northern hemisphere. That means above the equator. At the Equator, global winds are diverted north and south, leaving a narrow, generally windless band called the doldrums.Vines and shade-loving plants grow on the forest floor. The worlds largest tropical rain forest is in South Americas Amazon River basin. What South American countries are located on or below the equator? Find answers now! No. 1 Questions Answers Place. An equator is the intersection of the surface of a rotating spheroid (such as a planet) with the plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation and midway between its poles. On Earth, the Equator is an imaginary line on the surface, equidistant from the North and South Poles In observance of the above figures, 9 out of the 15 most populous cities in South America are located in Brazil alone. Among the remaining 6 cities, 2 are located in Colombia, and 1 each in Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and Chile. The analysis below intends to decipher the reason why these cities are so The summit, just inside the northern hemisphere, is 5,790 metres above sea level the highest point on the equator itself is some 1,100 metres lower. On the other side of South America, in the city of Macap in Brazil, we find a football2 stadium supposedly built right on the equator Print South America Maps. Use the GREEN PRINT button below, NOT the print button above!South America extends from north of the equator almost to Antarctica. This gives South America a large area in the tropics, through more temperate zones, and way far south to very cold parts of View slideshow of images above. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow.The equator is an imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.The line crosses the continents of South America and Africa, as well as a number of islands, and runs through 14 The bluffs and highlands of southern Brazil will remain above sea level after the polar melt, and will not beThose who would survive in Argentina, along the coastline toward the tip of South America inAfterwards, due to the new location along the equator, those in Argentina will find their climate The majority of South America falls below the equator, which means the seasons are the exact opposite to those in the U.S. and Europe.South America stretches from above the equator to just north of the Antarctic Circle, encompassing a wide cross-section of climates. Which volcano claims the title is not of paramount importance to me. What is interesting is that they are all located in South America.The value of gravitational acceleration (which takes into account both factors described above) is 9.78 (m/s2) at the equator and 9.83 at the poles. This means that almost every country as far from the equator as Japan is near or above the world average GDP per capita, and almost every country closer to theCentral/South America fares better, but apart from Brazil and Venezuela, its more equatorial countries are also below the world average. The numbers tell you how much above or below normal (average) the ocean temperature was in 2009.(2pt) This graph does provide possible evidence of an El Nio year (1pt) because SST in the eastern tropical Pacific ocean (along the equator) near South America is warmer than average (1pt). 10. The position of a place north or south of the equator is measured in A. meridians of latitude.How many countries speak spanish in south america. South America touches the equator. 6. Glue North America above South America.It almost touches Europe. Find the top part of west Africa that juts out like an elbow. The equator should be below this elbow. Many regions close to the equator experience an equatorial climate. These regions include, the Amazon Basin ( South America), the Congo Basin (Africa), Malaysia, Indonesia and some areas in northern Australia.



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