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Craft JS.My best guess is that maybe Firefox treats an immediate redirect by setting window. location.href the same as using the window.location.replace() method, since I think its common for developers to use the former when they meant to use the latter. In this tutorial, Ill show you to redirect to another page or URL using JavaScript. Ill discuss different scenarios that you could face.If you want someone to click on a link and redirect, window.location.href is the option you should choose. I totally see it following both window.location whatever and window. location.href whatever.Even if I add a sleep to wait for this the js redirect isnt being followed and my test fails, which is how I found myself here. this.document.forms["myform"].submit() var pdocument.getElementById(myLink).href location.

href pUm, you are submitting a form and redirecting? Shouldnt the server do the redirection? You basically are creating a race condition here. One of the most common uses of JavaScript is to redirect the user to or automatically open up another web page location.window.location.href. Save the following document as being plain text ASCII/give it the name: js-function-test.html.

JavaScript Code for redirecting a URL. Its even simpler in JavaScript. You only need to change window. location.href property to redirect a page.. Im using window.location.href to redirect my browser and I am not sure why one works and one doesnt. When I use a relative link, it refreshes the current page.How to change window.location.href to JavaScript, then run over JS? window.location.href newPage.html If you are here because you are losing HTTPREFERER when redirecting, keep readingIf youre using InternetExplorer8 or lower, these variables get lost when using any form of JavaScript page redirection (location.href, etc.). JavaScript Page Redirection - Learn Javascript in simple and easy steps.There could be various reasons why you would like to redirect a user from the original page. We are listing down a few of the reasons . From a search engine optimization standpoint, the best way to redirect visitors to a different URL is to use a 302 redirect (temporary) or 301 redirect (permanent). But you can achieve the same effect with JavaScript. The script below redirects the user immediately, by changing document. location Keep in mind that the JavaScripts window.location object gives you all of that information about the windows current location.window.location hash: myAnchor, host: davidwalsh.name, hostname: davidwalsh.name, href: httpsJavascript Redirect. How can this be used? Redirection using window.location.href of Javascript. The most common way to redirect an URL using JavaScript is just setting the href attribute of the window.location object. Redirecting to another URL with JavaScript is pretty easy, we simply have to change the location property on the window objectIf you make a new file called index.js and paste the code above and then run node index. js in the command line youll find the local version of the website redirecting to This waiting page and redirect.html both get 200 OK in broswer, but request module seems like only follow 3xx redirect in HTTP response. Redirect Page Using After 5 Seconds Javascript Examples. You can redirect page using JavaScript with just 1 line of code. You also have the option of redirecting immediately or redirect after 5 seconds.

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